• JugglinJen

    Las Vegas based juggler!

  • Keeping things up in the air
    Keeping things up in the air

    Juggling Jennifer!

  • JugglinJen

    More fun than a made up tagline!


Meet JugglinJen

JugglinJennifer likes to keep everything up in the air. She juggles anything from balls and clubs to beer bottles and meat cleavers. She also does balloon animals and strolling magic. Jennifer combines this in a performance that can be tailored to your event, from silly and fun to dark and edgy. Jennifer brings versatility and all-American exuberance to every show.

Jennifer brings fun!

Jennifer does shows ranging from 5 to 35 minutes. She combines juggling with music, magic, audience interaction, and laughs. Your guests will be entertained and engaged!
Mingling was never so fun! Jennifer comes dressed in circus attire or in a costume customized to the theme of your event to interact with your guests.
Jennifer loves performing as part of variety shows. She bring fun for the whole family with acts customized for the event. From vaudeville to circus, even burlesque!
Jennifer brings many other skills including magic, balloon twisting, and fire performing to your event. Need more than 1 entertainer? Jennifer can bring more!
Jennifer loves performing at parties and events. She brings various skills to entertain and impress your guests.

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